Objectives to hire me?

Here are several reasons why you should hire me as your employee:


I have been appointed as a Program Director in any programmes that organized by Integration of Records Community (i-REC). I have successfully developed my leadership skills in managing and organizing any programmes. With my experience as a leader, I know that I can be a good employee in your company. I can work with other employees and manage to work under pressure. This is because I have been trained before to work under pressure. Here are some evidents that I can provide:

Computer Skills

I have a few computer skills. Below are my contributions and my computer skills that you could consider why you should hire me as your employee:

Microsoft Office: 95% completed

Adobe Photoshop: 90% completed

Adobe Illustrator: 70% completed

Sony Vegas: 80% completed

C++: 30% completed

Commitment & Hardworking

I am a committee member in a society, Integration of Records Community which a leader in Multimedia Bureau. Every programmes that we held, I have my commitment in finishing my task. For example, I have to create a poster, backdrop, montage, video, etc. I also can work under pressure.

Communication Language

Bahasa Malaysia: 100% completed

English: 70% completed

Arabic: 45% completed

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